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What Grace Preachers Say About Tithing

Joseph Prince is the only grace preacher I know of who still teaches that we should tithe. But he does add that we should give from a heart of love and not give out of obligation. But I think that a lot of Christians want to give out of love - but end up giving out of fear.

It does seem like a noble concept at first, but when people tithe for years and nothing significant happens as a result, the inevitable result is one of disappointment. Feelings of guilt can also arise from teaching on tithing because when a person fails to experience all of the wonderful promises that were made to him by a pastor or evangelist – it causes the Christian to wonder what he did wrong or what he is missing: is it a lack of faith? Do I have to give more? Is there sin in my life? And so on.

First of all, we really need to get beyond this fear associated with tithing. To do this, we need to hear teaching that shows that tithing is an Old Testament concept and that Jesus has bore the curse of the law.

I recommend Bertie Brits' teaching on the subject of tithing. Bertie's teaching is available for free download on his website I particularly recommend the teaching "Money on the Cross" and "Hermanus Leadership Conference". But there are various other teachings by Bertie in which he touches on this subject. Basically, Bertie argues that if we can attribute healing and salvation and everything else in Christ to the cross - why not prosperity and finances?

Steve McVey also asserts in his "101 Lies Told in Church" series of short videos, that we do not need to tithe. See Lie #66 You Will Be Blessed Because You Tithe.

Grace preacher Andrew Wommack also teaches that we should not tithe out of compulsion and that God will bless you even if you don't. See the Financial Stewardship series, which can be downloaded for free on his website. This teaching series is a little confusing because in the first MP3 (and perhaps part of the second), Andrew says that we don't need to tithe, but then in the subsequent MP3s in the series, he says that we should tithe.

My personal belief is that our relationship with God should never be out of fear, or out of lust for that matter. What ultimately determines the quality of our life is how much we know we are accepted and loved by God, and loving others from that place of acceptance. We should never see our prosperity as depending on a rule we should keep or an obligation we should fulfil. Inevitably, it’s all about having a sense of security and knowing that we are blessed and accepted by God through faith in Christ, not in any kind of religious obligation that we need to keep.


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